New Treatment Protocols

Our Studio

  • Our waiting/reception area will essentially be “closed”. The door will remain locked at all times. One chair will be available in reception for arriving or leaving clients and must be cleaned if used. Tap is available for payment. If the keypad on our debit/credit machine is used, it will be properly disinfected between use. 


Cleaning and Disinfecting 

  • Only products approved by Health Canada by cross-referencing the Drug Identification Number (DIN) on the product container will be used.

  • High-touch surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected after each appointment. High touch surfaces include: doorknobs, light switches, washrooms including toilet handles, counters, handrails, arm rests, and electronics.

  • The treatment room and its equipment will continue to be cleaned and disinfected after each use and between clients.  Sheets, face cradle cover and blanket will be changed after every client.

  • Items that are frequently shared, difficult to clean (e.g. upholstered furniture), and/or not necessary to achieving treatment outcomes will be removed from treatment rooms and reception area including: magazines; water service; product samples or testers; and reusable hand towels. We will continue with our single use hand towels in all washrooms as they will continue to be laundered at high heat with clinic linens.

  • Scheduling has been adjusted to help avoid clients arriving and leaving the studio at the same time. 

  • There will be forty five minutes scheduled between treatment times for cleaning and disinfecting.

  • A cleaning log will be maintained.


Booking Appointments

  • As mandated by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario RMTs must return to work gradually and begin by treating those clients with urgent/essential care needs.  The CMTO deems massage therapy essential when "the client’s overall health or function would considerably decline if treatment were not provided (i.e. lead to hospitalization or other serious health consequences)".  

  • After accommodating urgent/essential care needs, online booking will become available first to those clients who had appointments booked from March 16th onwards and then will reopen to all clients in need of treatment.

  • As mandated by the CMTO clients must be pre-screened for COVID-19 following the Ministry of Health's Patient Screening Document Guidance.  A pre-screening survey will be emailed to clients after booking a treatment and will be required to be completed within 24hrs of booking.

The Appointment

  • All clients will be required to arrive with and wear a clean disposable or reusable mask that can be worn throughout the treatment. One will be provided if necessary. If the client cannot wear a mask (e.g. due to a health condition or difficulty breathing), the therapist will use their professional judgement to assess the risk of providing or continuing treatment. Masks are required to be worn in all common areas in the facility in order to enter.

  • Therapists are required to wear medical/surgical grade disposable masks that will be changed after each appointment. The use of gloves and face shields are at the discretion of the therapist and upon request by the client.

  • Clients are required to wait outside or in their vehicle. Your therapist will call or text you when you can enter the clinic. Please ensure we have a mobile number on file.

  • We will maintain a roster of all people entering the space (including their name and phone number) to assist with contact tracing, ensuring client confidentiality is maintained. In addition to clients, this may include couriers, guardians, and support people/workers. This information will be used for contact tracing only, should someone who visited the setting later be diagnosed with COVID-19.

  • Clients are to arrive alone (where possible) and as close to their appointment time as possible. If a client is unable to arrive alone, the person accompanying them will be screened at arrival to the appointment and will be asked to provide their name and number upon arrival for contact tracing purposes. The person accompanying the client should also be instructed to arrive at the appointment wearing a clean disposable or reusable mask.

  • Clients will be required to wash or sanitize your hands upon arrival and after treatment.

  • Immediately prior to treatment before the client enters the facility, we will screen the client to ensure the client’s COVID-19 status has not changed using the same criteria COVID-19 Pandemic as when the client booked the appointment.

  • Therapists must screen themselves using the same COVID-19 pandemic protocols as when the client booked the appointment. This screening will be documented in the client’s health record. If immediately before treatment, either the client or the therapist does not pass screening, the therapist must not provide treatment.

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